Tia Wood

23. September 2007 | Von | Kategorie: Domain News

Tia Wood serves as a private web designer for some of the world's top domain investors. She is a novelist, domain investor, web designer, college student, Christian and mother. Needless to say, a very busy individual.

With 26 years of age and and birthday on April Fools Day Tia is  a proud mother of a seven year old daughter and a girlfriend to a wonderful guy named Victor.

Tia makes her main earnings via the internet and runs a blog about various subjects to help others do the same. She has been freelancing for seven years providing various services and products.

Tia Wood

You will find her very interesting domain blog at TiaWood.com

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3 Kommentare auf "Tia Wood"

  1. Tia Riddick sagt:

    I was looking up my maiden name Tia Wood and found you. Just couldn’t believe it.

  2. She’s amazing.As you described her in every line on this thread,i must say she’s very good.Being at home or as a marketer.I’m sure i will learn a lot from her blog.

  3. surety bonds sagt:

    True,she is really busy.I've been to marketing for two years and i keep on learning from other marketers blog like on here.I want to say thanks to Tia for sharing her knowledege to other marketers in every blog she's writing.

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