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Domain contracts at SEDO worth nothing

3. November 2008 | Von

It’s about time, that the real serious Domain Business gets together and pushes a good alternative to our current market leader. SEDO has turned into a bazaar for unserious buyers and sellers that are harming our Domain Business. Alone these two experiences I have had this year probably talk for many other similar domain deals.

A Domain Sale

In …

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Interview with Rick Schwartz

6. Oktober 2008 | Von

Rick Schwartz, owner of one of the most valuable domain portfolios around is already a living legend in the domain business. Rick was one of the first pioneers to foresee the value of generic domains at a time where most people didn’t even know what Internet was all about. Also known as Domain King or Webfather, Ricks …

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Wild West Domains violates ICANN Transfer Policy

30. Januar 2008 | Von

What Wild West Domains (, a Godaddy reseller, is doing makes no sense at all and is clearly infringing the rules and regulations set by the ICANN. Just imagine the following situation:

You register a domain a few months ago. Obviously you enter all your data including your present address and whatever else is required to …

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4. Oktober 2007 | Von

One of our main keyword domains, is now developed and online. with it’s 100 visitors daily is certainly a domain worth development. It may look a little poor at the moment, but our texters are working on further content to be added in the next few days. The content is based on subjects covering 40 common keyword …

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Negative Marketing

29. September 2007 | Von

Looking up domains with all sorts of search terms related to marketing, I just discovered this site on the web:

How can it be possible, that someone offers this kind of service publicly? Not quite openly as I find, since there is no clue as to who is behind this service. The whois record shows that the owner …

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Tia Wood

23. September 2007 | Von

Tia Wood serves as a private web designer for some of the world's top domain investors. She is a novelist, domain investor, web designer, college student, Christian and mother. Needless to say, a very busy individual.

With 26 years of age and and birthday on April Fools Day Tia is  a proud mother of a seven year old daughter …

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Domain Smalltalk by Richard Martin

2. Juli 2007 | Von

Well, many people have asked me why I don’t have my own blog. It’s sort of „What? you don’t have a blog“ or „Everybody has a Blog“.

My standard answer: Why would I need a blog?; Who would bee interested in what I write?; I do enough writing in all sorts of forums related to domains, so why a …

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