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29. September 2007 | Von | Kategorie: Domain News, Domain Smalltalk

Looking up domains with all sorts of search terms related to marketing, I just discovered this site on the web:

How can it be possible, that someone offers this kind of service publicly? Not quite openly as I find, since there is no clue as to who is behind this service. The whois record shows that the owner of this domain is in Israel but of course, this is not necessarily so. I must say at first I was really shocked.

  • Where are the limits of business ethics?
  • Is this kind of service a legal business?
  • Would they have customers hiring this kind of service?

Mind you, I’m certainly not starting a negative marketing campaign against them . In fact I found a few very interesting (though controversial) points of view, that make me feel this is possibly even common practice. I will not mention examples I found, since it would probably be intimidating to someone down the line.

Now, just stop and think how often you have found negative feedback for some company or another. Then try to analyze how much of that is casual and how much is really intentional negative marketing.

Well, I’ll be looking at negative feedbacks in forums, blogs and other criticizing sites with a different approach as from today.

By the way, as a result of my search, I found a nice domain available and registered it:


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  1. Stephan sagt:

    Hello Richard,

    I found this website some days ago too and was wondering just the way you did. As the owner of I know that it is also possible to do honest business with the term negative marketing.

    Regards Stephan

  2. I absolutely agree with Stephan.

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