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2. Juli 2007 | Von | Kategorie: Domain News, Domain Smalltalk

Well, many people have asked me why I don’t have my own blog. It’s sort of „What? you don’t have a blog“ or „Everybody has a Blog“.

My standard answer: Why would I need a blog?; Who would bee interested in what I write?; I do enough writing in all sorts of forums related to domains, so why a blog?

OK, two weeks ago my youngest son (18) asked me to register a domain and setup a blog for him. He chose the domain meaning something like „tremendously fantastic“ or „Extremely exagerated“. Curious as I am, my first questions were:

What do you want to do with it?
Why do you want to run a blog?
Who would be interested in it?

I got a few good answers like, I want to start my own blog, I just want to write down things I see and find interesting, I don’t really care who else is interested in it.

So I took an example and here I go. I don’t really know who might be interested in what I have to say, but it will certainly be that what I myself consider inportant and want to share. I dont really think I will be bringing anything that will change the world in any way so its just Smalltalk. Since the main subject that will be coming up is domains, my blog just deserves the name Domain Smalltalk. In the next few days I’ll be starting up a few subjects may be interesting to anyone that is related to the domain business.

So at this point I can just say


Welcome everybody who finds his/her way here and welcome everybody who finds it interesting enough to look in again.

Richard Martin

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3 Kommentare auf "Domain Smalltalk by Richard Martin"

  1. Brandon sagt:

    Hey Richard,

    Did you know you’re already #19 for the phrase „domain blogs“? Doing quite well for not knowing much about this site…then again, I’m not sure how often the phrase is searched, but it’s something I searched to look for other blogs like mine.

  2. Richard sagt:

    Thanks, I guess I’ll make a little higher after adding some content. Just haven’t had time to give my blog a decent start. I’ll get a look into yours in the next few minutes.

    Look in again soon!!!


  3. Klaus K. sagt:

    Ich sitze in der zweiten Reihe und finde das eine klasse Leistung. Die Daten kommen sehr zeitnah.

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