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4. Oktober 2007 | Von | Kategorie: Domain News, Domain Smalltalk

One of our main keyword domains, is now developed and online. with it’s 100 visitors daily is certainly a domain worth development. It may look a little poor at the moment, but our texters are working on further content to be added in the next few days. The content is based on subjects covering 40 common keyword combinations using the word ground as would be expected for a domain of this quality. The keywords include terms like Ground Transportation, Ground Zero and Ground beef amongst others. Further domains containing the word ground are used to support this development.

The keyword list is published in our Ground Blog and we would certainly welcome any further keyword suggestions as well as any other ideas that could produce interesting content for the visitors of this awesome domain.

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  1. check-in sagt:

    Hi Richard,
    congratulations for this domain, it is worth to develop it. I suggest you to bring it into the real estate business, because the actual crisis in US will not be there for too long time and there are still many people engaged successfully in this business.
    I think very positive about your domain.


  2. Kenny G sagt:

    Hi Richard,

    Looks like a very good idea..its a wonderful domain and if you address all the keywords your traffic will surely increase a lot. Needs much more of content right now though 🙂

    Best of Luck with your site.

    Kenny G

  3. Richard sagt:

    Thanks Kenny,

    We have only just started. Content is currently being added every couple of days.


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